During the last years the Company has realized over 50 projects for industrial and civil purposes of total amount of more than 500 millions USD including the Projects for our main Customers:

Tengizchevroil LLP

Work realization period: 2004 — 2013

  • TCO Village Offices and Field Operation Offices in Tengiz oilfield.
  • Associated Crude Projects at Tengiz oilfield.
  • Transport services for the movement of oversize and overweight cargo items for delivery to the SGI-SGP project at Tengiz.
  • U600 Water Treatment & Disposal (Civil & Mechanical Works).
  • IB MOA Project “Early works maintenance shop, substation and utility building”.
  • TCO WRF Pond Lining Works
  • TCO PFU Project

PFD International Ltd AB

Work realization period: 2002 — 2008

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction of rotational camp “Shanyrak” for 6520 persons in Tengiz (on the EPC conditions).
  • Construction of new Western road in Tengiz (on the EPC conditions).
  • Civil works for fuel gas compressor house in Tengiz.
  • SGI/SGP Project pipelines — Next Generation Gathering System at the Korolev oilfield (Sicim S.p.A – General Contractor).

Agip KCO

Work realization period: 1999 – 2012

  • Construction of general education school in Aktau.
  • Construction of production base in Bautino village.
  • Plant–site preparation and piling for early oil project Kashagan East oilfield development.
  • Marine operation support. Mechanical and piping works at Bautino support base.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services for Process Liquid Waste Disposal Areas at West Eskene oilfield (on the EPC conditions).

Karazhanbasmunai JSC

Work realization period: 2000 – 2009

  • Construction of drilling pads and roads at Karazhanbas oilfield. 1-st and 2-nd stages.
  • Construction of oil pipeline D 325mm, substation 110/6 kV, cluster pumping station аt Karazhanbas oilfield.
  • Construction of associated gas gathering and treatment system аt Karazhanbas oilfield.
  • Construction of radio communication tower in the area of CETS (Central Engineering-Technological Services) at Karazhanbas oilfield.
  • Construction of gas-fuel pipeline from Gas Metering Unit-34 (GMU) to main pipeline DU 200mm, and construction of gas pipeline for transportation of fuel gas from GMU-33 to gas distributing main pipeline DU 400mm at Karazhanbas oilfield.

Karakudukmunai LLP

Work realization period: 2006 — 2009

  • Water storage tank 200m3 at CPC Karakuduk oilfield
  • Works on Karakuduk oilfield development (commercial oil metering point, group unit No.5, tubing cleaning unit).
  • Construction of facilities under the project “Utilization of associated gas. Reconstruction of oil gathering and treating system” at Karakuduk oilfield.
  • Construction of gas transportation pipeline UKPG-TSN at Karakuduk oilfield.

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV

Work realization period: 2000 – 2002

    • Preliminary civil works at Karachaganak oilfield.                                                                                                .

Buzachi Operating Ltd. Kazakhstan Branch

Work realization period: 2002 — 2013

  • Construction of drilling pads and access roads, 20KW power line at North Buzachi oilfield.
  • Camp extension at North Buzachi oilfield.
  • Construction of well pads, pads for manifold stations and power transmission lines and access roads at North Buzachi oilfield.                                                                            .

Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmBH

Work realization period: 2008 — 2013

  • Gas utilization project – Basic construction and erection works at Dunga oilfield.                                                                    .
  • Construction of roads and well pads at Dunga oilfield.

Other Customers

Work realization period: 1995 – 2011

  • Integrated industrial development of Kalamkas oilfield (JSC “Mangystaumunaigas”)
  • Construction of oil gathering and treatment installation oil pipeline at Tasbulat oilfield (“Tasbulat Oil Corporation” Ltd.)
  • Construction of access road to “Marine Operations Support Base” in Bautino village (“Teniz Service” Ltd. as General Contractor).
  • Complex Gas Treatment Plant at Karabatan oilfield («Company Montazhspetsstroy» JSC).
  • Underwater pipeline section Sai-Utes – Buzachi through Kaidak bay of Caspian Sea (NKTN “KazTrans Oil”) (on the EPC conditions).
  • Construction of water pipeline and re-construction of sewage collector in Aktau (Aktau City Capital Construction Department) (on the EPC conditions).


All the conditions were performed by the Company within the periods established by the Customer.