The Company has all required licenses and permits for all types of performed works including main fields of the Company’s activity:

  • Integral development of oil and gas fields
  • Construction, re-construction, modernization of facilities in oil and gas plants
  • Designing, projects management
  • Material and technical supply for construction facilities including EPC projects
  • Environmentally hazardous types of activities
  • Installation of oil and gas purpose pipelines of all types (trunk pipelines, connecting pipelines, intra-field pipelines)
  • Erection of tanks, steel structures, buildings for industrial and social purposes including prefabricated, factory-built packaged buildings
  • External engineering services of all types
  • Gasification of population settlements
  • Concrete and reinforced-concrete works (cast-in-place and precast)
  • Production of custom concrete
  • Earth works in scope
  • Road-construction works
  • Civil works and landscaping works
  • Non-destructive testing of welded joints
  • Laboratory testing of construction materials
  • Fabrication of containers for industrial and social purposes
  • Fabrication of steel structures and steel items.